My Payment Failed

Using Credit or Debit Card

Payment failure can happen for multiple reasons. Our payment processor does not share the complete details with us for security reasons.

When your payment fails, check if the entered details are correct.

  • Verify the Card Number, Expiry Date in MM/YY format.
  • Verify the Card Verification Code (CVC), 3 digit number printed on the back of the card. CVC on an American Express card is a 4 digit number printed on the front of the card.

Sometimes, payments might be declined or refused even after entering correct details for various reasons.

  • Insufficient Funds: The funds on the card/in the bank account is not sufficient to complete the transaction.
  • Expired Card: The card has expired, try using a different card for the transaction.
  • Card Not Supported: The card does not support the transaction. 
  • You are attempting to subscribe from, or using a card issued in a restricted country.

In the case of errors like "Do not honor", "Transaction Not Allowed", it is likely that the transaction was declined by the card provider/bank. Kindly contact the card issuer or bank for details on reasons for payment being declined and for a quick resolution.

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