How to reformat or Change Format of your research paper to a different template?

Typeset helps you reformat your research paper to a different journal in just few steps.

In this doc, we'll cover

  • Where is the Change Format button located?
  • What are the steps involved to Reformat?


Change Format is a feature available to all users for Free.

Change Format Button

The "Change format" button is located on the RHS panel when you arrive on the Typeset Editor. The snapshot is shown below:

Steps Involved to Reformat

The steps involved to Reformat is pretty simple. 

a.) While being on Typeset Editor, click on the "Change Format" button mentioned above. 

b.) You would be taken to our "Formats Gallery". Click any of the Formats here. Say, I choose "Orbis"

c.) Click the button "Use this format"

d.) Voila! Your format has now changed.

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